Rebuilding from the bottom up

If nothing else, this past year has brought to me a deeper appreciation of what class, dignity and respect used to look like in the White House. Though I didn’t always agree with your policies, thank you Mr. Obama for the way you and Mrs. Obama modeled family, integrity, openness, inclusion, and your references to the fact that WE are the ones who bring hope and change, not some autocratic “leader”.

A few of us will continue to quietly work to the best of our ability in 2018 within our local communities to restore common decency and mutual respect. Loving our neighbor as ourselves and trying to rebuild what is currently and deliberately being destroyed will be our mission, not intentionally trying to stoke the fires of division that are now raging out of control due to the mind-numbing insanity of the Barbarian and his enablers.

To old friends who have allowed themselves to be overtaken by anger, believing that a culture war is the way to God’s Kingdom I humbly ask you to reconsider your position in the light of the teachings of Jesus, the one you claim to worship. He died for his people out of love. He didn’t lead an insurrection against the Empire. Matthew 5-7 are for today, not some nebulous escapist future.

I mourn and almost lose hope for the church in America, but then I remember something my Mom used to say in the twilight years of her life.

“But God.”

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