MRIs and Centering Prayer

I had one of the best times of contemplative prayer or centering prayer lately in of all places, an MRI machine as they scanned my brain for 30 minutes and my neck for another 30 minutes.
One of the several phrases I focused on while inhaling and exhaling was:

Inhaling “deep within”

Exhaling “you are there”

That led to contemplating the vastness of the universe full of galaxies we still can’t count or measure, solar systems where stars are still rushing away from us at a speed and towards a distance we can’t fathom – and how this is simply part of who God is, God’s creative energy and delight, and yet…

God is so personal as to want to dwell within me 24/7. I’m so often unaware of God’s presence, but there’s never a time that

God is unaware of every fiber of my being, every ache of my soul, and every laugh that erupts from my throat.

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