Knowledge, Jesus and Relationship

Isn’t it rather amazing how over the centuries (especially in Western Christianity)

we’ve focused more on teaching and learning ‘about’ Jesus (or even worse being taught the sovereignty or holiness of GOD, with Jesus being relegated to a fire escape role) vs. simply doing what Jesus told us we should do and living as he taught us by example as well as his instruction?

Why are we so prone to spend so much time learning about GOD from a safe distance instead of walking with him as revealed in Jesus, from the first moment we recognize we should, and

learning about him

and from him

as we walk with him?

Do we really form and rest in relationship with friends by learning all the facts about them from a distance or by spending time with them, talking with them, laughing with them, crying with them, and being still with them?

Tuesday morning thoughts. Blame Vanier, Nouwen, Rohr, and Stout 😉

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