Balance: Listening to our bodies as well as our minds. How determination can be a bad thing…sometimes.

I watched a little girl yesterday, running down our street in her flip flops, running with the biggest smile on her face while her Dad was about 30-40 feet behind, pushing her empty stroller. She was running with abandon and pure joy, waving her arms and giggling…and I was a bit envious.

Myself? I rode bike about 60 miles last week as I continue to rehab my left leg from overuse running injuries. I walked 35 minutes at lunch yesterday without pain, and that was a major victory in the rehab process.

After a fantastic summer of running, and setting new PR’s all over the place, I’ve not been able to run since August 19th…due to too much determination.

What? How can a person be too determined?  Did Garry, of all people, just say that?

How can a person be too determined? When our minds trick us into thinking we can overcome anything, especially as it relates to taking adequate care of our bodies.  And I admit, there’s a fine line there somewhere, between determination and slacking, and I don’t know where it it is.  In fact I doubt many runners, or high achievers of any type do.

We (the high achievers) listen to our minds, we want to push, we get excited about meeting new goals or objectives, and we become deaf to the little signals our bodies send us. “You better slow down, better get some rest, you better eat healthier”.

We don’t listen, and we hit the wall.

I wish I was the person who had the magic key for when ‘enough is enough’. I wish I could be content with believing that resting is okay, in fact, even necessary and healthy.

Whether it’s resting the body or the mind.

Yet, we were creatures made for rest, as well as creative activity.

I’m hoping to be healthy enough to begin running again the end of this month, which means the long anticipated Grand Rapids Half Marathon in late October is in serious jeopardy. I’ll probably have to postpone that until next year.

The take-away? First, this time off has given me a fresh appreciation for walking, running, and the gifts of fitness & life we’ve been given.

Second, and even more importantly, it’s reminded me that ‘rest’ was built into us for a reason, and that our Creator gave us countless examples of why rest is beneficial.

I believe it’s time to listen more closely…

for those ‘signals”.

Can you relate?

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