Choices, light, peace.

For some today, there are choices to be made.

Through the fog, the haze, the darkness

See the clear light of Christ shining, welcoming, beckoning

and illuminating the path.


Wisdom, grace, and truth are there.


Choices made in the light of love for Christ and love for others, decisions that are for the long term benefit of those we love, choices that lift up the poor, feed the hungry, bring hope to the despairing, and bring healing to the diseased


Showing the unwanted that yes

They are wanted


These choices contribute peace, calmness, and quietness to the soul.

In the noise and chaos of the world around us, especially in our Western culture’s seeming mad dash towards the cliff, may we rest content that the choices we make today, choices that reflect love for God and love for others, choices that are not determined by our short term immediate gratification, but instead by a thoughtful loving response to a loving gracious God,

Bring peace.

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