Pulling back…

A young person I respect and admire nailed it when she said in a recent post “maintaining balance between work life, family life, and online life can be challenging. Maintaining connections to a large number of online friends is time consuming.”  She was wondering what my reasons were for making a massive shift in social media, including deleting my Google+ account, and deleting over 1200 Facebook friends.

I commented on her blog, “Though I thoroughly enjoyed conversations with many people on Facebook, you and several who commented here in particular, the demands of corporate life, family, church, and physically serving others had exhausted my resources.

It was not an easy decision to pull back, but God-given priorities in life demanded that I give myself to my family first, my longtime friends, my church, some who I have been personally mentoring, and the disadvantaged both locally and internationally.  I miss the interaction I had with you and a number of others and I’m glad we are still connected via other social mediums.  Thank you for understanding…”

Over committed, over achievers (me!), especially those who had a very wide range of interests (me!), can become distracted by the “good”, even the “very good”, and totally miss the “best” in terms of what God has equipped them to do.  When the short end of life is staring you in the face, being and doing what you believe God intended for you can involve hard choices, things that seem like sacrifices, and indeed are.

I genuinely miss interacting more with many of my former FB friends, but those people God has put in my path path locally, especially the poorest and the neediest, must be the priority for the remainder of this blessed privilege of life, lived in service to, and for the ultimate glory of, Christ.

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