Reigniting the Fire

Up since 5:00 AM, watching the spring rains come down this overcast morning, the first of five “vacation” days. Days to catch up in the office both professionally and personally, do some yardwork, enjoy my family, and life in general.

Finishing the morning’s coffee and orange juice, getting ready to read some Scripture, then the Times and the Journal before tackling some projects in the office.

Thinking how thankful I am for friends, both old and new.

How often I need times like this, yet how seldom I intentionally schedule them. Resting, regenerating, regrouping, rediscovering my passion and purpose, and reigniting the fire to lead, serve, and encourage others.

You too?

Hey, have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day holiday weekend,  counting blessings along the way, and being an encouragement to all who God brings into our lives.

Take care!

1 Comment

  1. Thanks for your honesty sharing here friend. I must confess that I suffer from the same ill…

    We all have our addictions, things that keep us from authentic faith and real relationship. It’s interesting how we weight these things. Some seem more harmless than others but all keep us from experiencing the peace we were designed to have.

    Mine are work and ambition? Pretty popular Schick’s I’d say?


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