The blinds are open…

The following is a short post I wrote this past New Year’s Eve day. I didn’t blog it at the time and was just re-reading it. It is explicitly Christian. So for those of you who don’t like religious posts, read no further or, at least you’ve been warned. I’m not a writer, but hopefully this will be encouraging to someone, and bring you hope if you’re in a dark place.

New Year’s Eve reflection:

The blinds are open. The twilight is slowly giving way to a muted light. The house is dark except for several small Christmas trees glowing with their soft colorful lights. The morning ritual of bagel and coffee is finished. My spouse is on her way to a short day at work.

Sitting in the dark, watching daylight  gradually replacing the darkness, listening to the silence, I’m struck once again at the goodness of God.

The year has been very challenging. Relationships have changed, responsibilities have increased, stress has taken it’s toll.

And yet I’m reminded, in the midst of reflection, that ultimately, it’s not “about me”.

Life is about loving others, and what that love actually looks like. It includes faithfully carrying out my duties to those I’m responsible for. It includes depositing feelings of love and acceptance into my family, in listening, caring, and physically helping whenever possible.

It includes staying healthy enough spiritually, emotionally, and physically to attend to the needs of my family first, then to those who God puts into my path. It includes removing distractions. It can include discontinuing unhealthy relationships with those who drain us emotionally or financially in their sad attempt at trying to be “happy”. Especially those who are outside of our immediate God-given first responsibility and blessing, our own spouse and children.

Even though I have a day off work, I’ll spend the next few hours prepping a year end summary for my supervisor, then attending to some mundane household chores, enjoying a movie tonight with my wife, accompanied by some cheese, fruit, French baguette, and a bottle of champagne.

May God bless all of us this coming year, with a renewed sense of all He has done for us in Christ; the reconciling or our relationship with God, and life eternalin His presence.

May our gratitude for such a gift overflow into a true love for others that exhibits itself in a way that ultimately casts a light back to the true Light of Heaven, our Lord Jesus Christ.

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