Are You a Leader? Can You Be a Magnetic Leader?

“Are you a “magnetic leader,” the kind that draws others to you? If not, are there behaviors and skills that you can work on that would enable you to be more magnetic whilst driving results?”

That question was posed by Lisa Petrilli, who is the Chief Executive Officer of C-Level Strategies, Inc. She wrote a brief and excellent piece that you can read HERE.

If you can’t follow the link right now, at least consider her Five Magnetic Leadership Traits:

1. Calm and uplifting demeanor and tone

What tone are you sending out verbally, through your body language and in written form as a leader?  Is your demeanor one of assuredness that draws people to you, or is your stress level serving as a repellant of sorts?

2. Trust – and awareness of this trust – between the leader and team

Not only were these leaders willing to be there for their teams – they were present with them throughout the entire process and there was full awareness that they were present and ready to help.

3. Encouragement

Whereas some leaders might think of this as “leadership fluff” the reality was it made a great deal of difference to the teams and to their level of focus.

4. Proper alignment of resources with vision and strategy

Once you have set a strategy, you absolutely must ensure that your resources – people, time, dollars, energy, focus – align with that strategy.

5. Communication of the vision and strategy

Communication of your vision and strategy must reach all levels of your organization so that every employee understands the role they play in achieving that vision, and so that they may align their efforts with the strategies you’ve laid out.

Above is only a very brief overview and I urge you to read her entire post. Her observations and ideas are very valuable for organizations of every type, whether it be business, community, church, or your own family.

You can find out more about Lisa Petrilli HERE.

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