The images we hold in our mind have a tremendous impact on the reality we create.

The images we hold in our mind have a tremendous impact on the reality we create.

On a daily basis we are bombarded with images of destruction in movies, on television and even in electronic games that children play. In contrast, there are so few images of what peace looks like.

When I ask people to describe what world peace looks like, they use vague terms. However, they are able to give quite vivid descriptions of what a post-World War III would look like.

I’m not suggesting we block negative images and only hold positive ones. If we only hold positive images, we become gullible. However, if we primarily hold negative images, which seems to be the case these days, we become bitter and jaded.

We must actively seek out positive images or our sense of reality will be unbalanced. Many wonderful and powerful things are happening everyday. But we have to look for them because they won’t be presented to us in the media, and we have to be willing to see them.”

Read the balance of Ms. Stoner’s blog HERE. While I’m not educated enough about Mr. Mandela to comment on her thoughts regarding him, the rest of her blog piece is quite sound. What we allow to occupy our thoughts, including the images we hold, has quite an impact on our view of reality and how we pursue and create our future.

Before some of my Christian friends chastise me, I believe that God is certainly above all things, and ultimately in control. However, He does expect us to make wise choices regarding what we dwell upon. And he often does allow the natural consequences of our decisions.

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